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The Science of a Snack

Updated: May 21, 2020

You've been working since eight in the morning, and it's nearly lunch. You grind out a few more emails, and you suddenly can't think of anything else to do. Here's why your productivity rises and falls based on an empty stomach.

While some eat between meals because they hold a vague notion that frequent eating is healthful, others report snacking to satisfy cravings for sweet or salty foods, prevent or relieve hunger, boost nutrient intake, control weight, rev the metabolic rate, pass the time, deal with unsettling emotions or replace meals.

Whatever the reason, keeping your blood glucose level high throughout the day has been scientifically shown to boost productivity. Healthy snacking has been correlated to higher profits in negotiations, decreased work fatigue, and consistent performance from day to day.

Snacks for your breakroom should be varied, consistently available and healthy. A good selection of carb-heavy and protein-rich snacks is a good idea, the first is good for instant glucose while the second will release energy slowly over several hours.

In short, snacks are good for business. Bravo can show you how.

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