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Austin Arts Spotlight - The Vortex

Widely-recognized as the pioneering leader in Austin’s alternative theatre scene, THE VORTEX Repertory Company was founded in 1988 by the University of Texas at Austin graduate students Bonnie Cullum, Steve Bacher, Lurana Donnels O’Malley, and Sean T.C. O’Malley. The VORTEX was the first theatre to establish a home on Austin’s historically-underserved Eastside, laying the foundations for a blossoming arts and entertainment district.

The multiple award-winning Vortex Theatre has produced over 350 productions and is internationally renowned as a haven for alternative performance. They create and present new, innovative performances, world premiere plays, operas, musicals, and artistic collaborations. They produce multidisciplinary performances from diverse traditions in music, film, dance, opera, aerial arts, puppetry, and performance art that contribute to our vibrant arts community in Austin. They also foster educational programming, including an award-winning Summer Youth Theatre.

The VORTEX is also the home of The Butterfly Bar. If you haven't yet, you must check it out!

The VORTEX contributes to the vitality of Austin’s economy, creating dozens of full-time jobs and paying artists and have been recognized as a Platinum Level Green Business leader. Their ensemble of artists and technicians employ a diversity of skill, ethnicity, gender identity, and life experience: LatinX, Asian-American, African-American, Kurdish, Lebanese, French Canadian, Scottish, Sicilian, Irish, Mexican, African, Filipino, Polynesian, mixed race, and 5th generation Texan. Some are full-time artists, some are teachers, some are activists. The Vortex community is queer and straight, Pagan and Christian, vegan and omnivore. They range in age from 20-70 and are united in a commitment to the creation of work that helps change Austin and the World.

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