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How to generate a productive office culture

Updated: May 21, 2020

Trendy new offices often have breakrooms with ping-pong, beer on tap, and cozy seating. But what's the thought process behind such a luxurious breakroom?

When I had my first corporate job about 15 years ago, we were lucky to get donuts on Fridays. There was an office pool to pay for coffee and our break room got cleaned once a week. We got pizza if the owner was feeling especially generous. Don't get me wrong, there were other perks, but the thought of providing snacks or beverages for your employees every day was not on anyone's radar.

Times have changed. Employers have to work harder to keep their staff happy and healthy, and keeping nutritious snacks and drinks on hand has become a matter of course. Breakroom and pantry management isn't just about perks or keeping people in the office later in the day, it's about keeping your staff engaged and ready to face any challenge head on. It's letting your workforce know that you want them to feel like they can work in a healthy, productive environment. That's where Bravo can help.

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